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  • Corporate Bank Account Opening in Dubai
  • Dubai is one of the leading international financial centres and among one of the fastest growing cities in the world, this naturally makes it the hotspot for corporate banking.
  • Dubai’s stable financial market, strong bank secrecy, and low regulations make it a preferred city for banking over other financial centers.
  • At Commitbiz, our in-depth knowledge of banking and our excellent relationship with most of international as well as local banks has helped hundreds of our clients open a corporate bank account successfully in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and all other emirates.
  • What do you need to open a corporate bank account?
  • All the original documents of the company (COI, MoA, License etc.)Passport copy shareholders and signatories (in case of corporate shareholding – a document of parent company till the passport copy of UBO)Copy of UAE visa (resident or visit)Signatories to be presented in Dubai and to sign forms in banker’s presence
  • Banks may also ask for the following:
  • Last 6 months bank statement of shareholdersCustomary KYC (Know Your Customer) questions
  • What are the banking benefits in UAE?
  • High level of secrecy
  • Easy international accessAttractive interest ratesZero taxationEasy transfer of fundsFlexible investment periodNon-restrictive banking optionsAsset managementDedicated relationship managerPhone and online banking