Embassy Attestations and Consular Services

Ayn Al Twar Dubai UAE

Owing to their bilateral ties with most countries of the world, the U.A.E hosts diplomatic missions of most countries of the world with an embassy in the capital and consulates to a few depending on various factors in cities like Dubai. These embassies, being the foreign office in the U.A.E deals in various forms of consular services like issuances of visas, passport etc. or legalization of numerous documents to be used in those countries.

Since the U.A.E is home to nationals of various countries that travel to one another for several reasons, they are to go through the trouble of popping in and out of these embassies for any of the aforementioned formalities and even more. We, as an expert in the domain play the role of your guide, consultant and the agent in assisting you get your documents attested or proceed with any kind of consular service which may be of use to you. You may feel free to contact us to have your queries answered in this regard.