Expo 2020 Translation Services

Ayn Al Twar Dubai UAE

Under the slogan Connecting minds, creating the future the largest event ever staged in the Arab world will take place in the amazing city of Dubai the beating heart of commerce in the middle east.

With participants from over 190 countries and millions of visitors from across the globe Expo 2020 will be a great opportunity for you to acquire new clients in this promising region, and to do so you’ll need to translate and localize your content into Arabic or English the two dominants languages of the event.

 Like in Expo 2020 with Daqeeq you’ll experience warm Emirati hospitality at its finest as well as the UAE’s values of inclusion, tolerance, and cooperation.

 Therefore, if you’re looking for an opportunity to connect and build an international network, don’t let the language barrier limit your aspirations! And let Daqeeq help you in Expo 2020 which offers hundreds of ways to connect with inspiring potential business partners.

 Don’t miss the opportunity to take your ideas with you and let us worry about the communication part of the business. Get in contact with us and we’ll translate and localize your words into opportunities, allowing you to seamlessly enjoy your experience at Expo 2020 in Dubai.