Localization Services

Ayn Al Twar Dubai UAE

Localization is adapting the appearance, language, and usability of your website for foreign markets. It’s crucial for companies aiming for expanding in new markets or improving their current presence, with 72% of customers preferring to shop on websites offering products in their native language.

First things first; what’s the difference between translation and localization? Translation is the process of converting a text from one language to another, while localization takes into account cultural references and adapts the content (both text and visual) for the target country (e.g. changing measurement systems, adding or changing words to help a local reader).

In other words, localization is rewriting the original content to fit the target audience and make it looks like it was written for them. It is more challenging than translation and requires more efforts, as it uses terms and words that are more known to the local audience; for example, the literal translation of English proverbs does not fulfill the intended meaning, so it must be translated with the corresponding meaning in Arabic to be understood.

How do we localize your contents?

In Daqeeq we’ll select the most appropriate team of professionals for your localization project while ensuring we have the cultural knowledge and expertise to engage with your target audience.

We localize all your digital content including multimedia, videos, mobile and web apps, specialty graphics, illustrations, eBooks and much more.

Here are the things that we consider when localizing your content:

  • Written content
  • Graphics
  • User Experience elements (e.g. navigation buttons)
  • Audio and video
  • Formatting (e.g. date formats)