Ayn Al Twar Dubai UAE

You can count on AYN AL TWAR to provide your company with official agreements and other contracts that meet the highest standards. Our experts will take the time to ensure your agreements comply with the latest regulations and best practices. This can help expedite processing and prevent future problems.



  • We can assist you with a wide variety of official agreements.
  • A memorandum of association defines the very legal essence of your company. It governs your business relationships, so it must be drafted with the utmost care. We ensure your memorandum of association accurately describes your corporate identity and objectives. This helps to assure a successful registration process for your business.
  • Official amendments typically specify important changes taking place within a business. Our team of professionals can assist you with making modifications or corrections pertaining to your company’s legal structure, modification of trading activities, and changes in company ownership or partners. Our knowledgeable staff can provide error-free legal documents for prompt approval.
  • A power of attorney is a legal document that gives someone you trust the legal authority to act for you in financial, property, or legal matters. You can use this important agreement to determine who controls different functions, such as establishing a business, opening/closing bank accounts or selling property.
  • When it comes to making investments, a myriad of agreements may be required to legally validate transactions. These can include buy-sell, investors, shareholders, redemption, stock purchase and voter agreements. Our professional team is equipped to provide whatever legal contracts you need to support your investing activities.
  • Applications and official correspondence are a necessary part of doing business. AYN AL TWAR can assist you with completing applications for a variety of government departments, organizations and other entities. We can also ensure your corporate correspondence is professional and effective, whether it’s a fax, email, memo or formal letter.
  • Legal notifications allow you to inform corporate and other contacts about important changes taking place in your business. Notifications can range from notices about a modification in location or company name to a contract termination or company closing. Whatever the case, we can help you effectively publicize your news.
  • Heir Replacements
  • We assist heirs with updating documents relating to company ownership to accurately reflect the existing owners. We can provide official agreements to outline the transfer of the company ownership from deceased relatives to the current heirs. Our experienced staff employs the utmost care and sensitivity when assisting clients in this area.
  • Foreign Embassies Affidavits
  • AYN AL TWAR can engage a notary public to ensure that your sworn statements are notarized, including affidavits for foreign embassies. We can assist you with preparing affidavits for various purposes, such as a power of attorney, acknowledgement of a signature and verifying income. These documents can be used for a variety embassies.