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In UAE, there are several ways of having a residency Visa and the most common way of getting a resident visa is an employment or a partner visa. We at Ayn Al Twar Corporate Services help you provide all you legal paper work in order to process a residency Visa. Below are few ways of acquiring residency Visa’s in UAE.

Employment visa is the most common way of getting a residence visa in UAE. Once an expat is employed with any company in UAE, the process of employment visa is initiated. The visa runs with an approval from the ministry of labor for the work permit and the labor permit. Once this is obtained the E visa entry permit is been issued from the immigration. There will be further a medical checkup and the UAE National ID process after which the residency is stamped on the passport of the employee. The individual holding employment visa from the mainland company is valid for 2 years and employment visa issued by any Free zone authority in Dubai is valid for 3 years.

Investor / Partner Visa:

Investor visa is issued for the individuals investing in the country to setup their Business. To get the eligibility for the investor visa, the shareholder or owner must have the share value of more than AED 70,000 in the business. The minimum declared share capital for a Mainland company is usually AED 300,000. Irrespective of the number of shareholders in the company, the Immigration department allows to take only 2 investor visas from the company. The rest of the investors can take employment visa from the company. The investor visa is valid for 3 years. The individual must submit latest 6 month bank statement to process investor visa.

Dependent Visa:

The expats obtaining Employment visa/Investor visa/Freelance Permit visa can sponsor their family members like spouse, children and parents. An individual holding employment visa can sponsor his spouse and children provided he has a salary of AED 3,000 per month and accommodation provided by his employer or fixed salary of AED 4,000 per month. In case a wife is sponsoring a husband, her children, etc, the salary should be AED 10,000 per month. Apart from the salary, the marriage and birth certificates will be required. In case of the person holding an Investor visa, the dependents can be sponsored based on the DEWA bill, documentation of marriage and birth certificates and a deposit AED 3,000 per dependent. The marriage certificate and birth certificate must be attested in the UAE Embassy of the applicant’s home country and in MOFA, UAE in order the process the dependent visa. The individual must also submit the tenancy agreement and latest DEWA bill as a supporting document for the process. To process parent’s visa, he/she must have salary of AED 20,000 per month and 2 Bed Room Apartment. The parent’s visa has to be processed for both Father and Mother together. In unfortunate situation if the parents are not together or any one is expired, the supporting legal document must be submitted.

Freelancer Visa

Freelancer Permit is offered by a few Free zones in UAE for specified professionals. The professional includes Media related sectors, Education related sectors and Technology related sectors. The Freelancer permit holders can avail the residence visa for 2 or 3 years depending on the Free zone they choose. To avail this permits the individual must submit the following documents.

  • Business plan defining your objective as per the selected activities.
  • CV.
  • Passport Copy & Visa Page.
  • NOC (if UAE resident): No Objection Letter provided by the individual’s sponsor allowing the applicant to transfer the resident visa and to obtain a freelance permit with Tecom.
  • Portfolio / Samples of works (For media sector only).
  • Bank reference letter.
  • 2 Reference letter(s): Reference letter provided from your Clients/Manager recommending your ability to work as individual(Subject to the Authority requirement).